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Mehrdad Fagan-Hassani shares his incredible journey of trying to gain his American Citizenship from Iran. 

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Actress and Philanthropist Katherin Kovin Pacino shares her journey of love, marriage, loss and rebuilding again.

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Charlie Horner shares his story on how his daughter changed his life and what the trials, tribulations and joys are of being a single Dad. 

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Dr. Steven Rabin shares vital information for Women's Health, as well as his own story of how he's become one of the most sought out Gynecologists in Los Angeles.

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Doris Levine shares her story of beating breast cancer.

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Model, Actress, Producer, Musician and Healer Max Wasa shares her journey from a home life filled with genius level IQ's to her career and how she's dealt with three different types of cancer and continues to beat the odds.  Max reaches many people every day and inspires them to keep reaching for truth, love and light.

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Athlete, Actor and Preacher Mel Novak shares his remarkable journey from receiving a handicapping injury to what it's like to preach on Skid Row and in the Prison System.

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Jeanna Bonds shares her incredible story of having a high level job in a 'man's world', starting her own organic face care business and what it was like to walk through the trials and tribulations of beating Lymphoma.  Get ready to be inspired!

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Actor, Business Owner and Powerhouse Jodie Bentley shares her inspiring story about how she beat Breast Cancer.  She also shares the lessons she learned through her ordeal and how those lessons became key elements in her work as an Actor and as an actor's guide with her business, The Savvy Actor. 

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Actor/Director/Artist/Jewelry Maker Jack Millard shares intimate details of his experience as a spouse who helped his wife through cancer, how he wound up losing her to a drunk driving accident and how he is currently rising above the odds and shining his light.  Prepare to be INSPIRED.  

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Horror Filmmaker and amazing girl and "punster", Lori Bowen, discusses the challenges beset to her in her formative years when her mother was involved in a Harley accident.  You'll be inspired by Lori's take on life, her commitment to family and following her passion of filmmaking.



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L.A.'s top Commercial Acting Teacher and entrepreneur, Carolyne Barry, discusses her journey with Breast Cancer.  As a Cancer Survivor, Carolyne has reached out to others to help them with their challenges.  

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Yoga Guru and Founder of The Yoga Shelter, Eric Paskel, shares his story of how Yoga changed his life and brought him out of the throws of addiction.

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Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant Nancy Rove shares her amazing story about beating cancer twice, what carried her through and where she is now.

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